Living like Leberfing

This will probably be my quickest and latest post after having conferences until 6:30 and a board meeting after that but I received a message on my class dojo that I saw tonight I have to share it since it was my conference night and I don't always feel a great success...

I am happy to report I survived a grueling week. My new friend is slowly adjusting to our room with constant redirection and praise. If I am too firm with him it causes him to shut down and flip me off. So, I decided a different approach lots of raffles using tiger tic...

Happy Tuesday, I don’t normally write before work but as I received a new troubled student yesterday, I woke with extreme anxiety. I am hoping by expressing my thoughts and concerns here I will be less likely to complain at my job, a place that has been a real comfort...

 feel compelled to share this wine is simply a step up from cough syrup so unless this is the in-between of the evening it's not worth its alluring 3$ price tag... Lol 

HappySunday Funday. 

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