Living like Leberfing

  • It's an early post today. I woke up early today at 4:17am with another dream from God. It was about a dear friend I haven't seen in over a year and I've been prompted to change that! I am also pleased to say when I woke up from the dream I physically felt so much bette...

Good morning and Happy Saturday. I'm finishing a short adventure with the Lord to WI Dells. A place I've never gone to alone before but proved to be a dazzling surprise. When the Lord twisted my arm to book the night over a month ago I gave a big eye roll. But he knew....

I'm a tad obsessed with this one. Maybe you'll like it too. 🤷‍♀️ Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste the link.

So I came across an ad for a massage therapist at the climbing gym and was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed her healing touch. Important to note if you use maps it will take you to the wrong location. Search black and White barbershop to seek the correct location. I was a...

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