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I woke quite early this morning to prepare for my departure. I ended up leaving by 4:30 am. I drove to the Lake Forest Oasis in IL where I stopped to eat an egg, avocado, and have a cup of coffee as the sun was rising in the sky.

Today was full of kind strangers who gave me a hand. It started with a couple who allowed me to use their restroom because I could not find a gas station as the urgency grew. They even sent me off with a bottle of water. It was a beautiful day for driving, warm and sunny. The discovery of the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum did not disappoint.

The museum is located in Bristol, IN. Honestly, I was surprised at how much fun it turned out to be. While I was there I met interesting people. Linda the lady running the desk, has a daughter who lives in Milwaukee, and has a background working with children with autism, as I do too. Such a small world. I then met a couple Pam and Chuck who mentioned of their travels to Boston just three weeks ago and recommended a camp ground. I am going to head toward the campground tomorrow. I am grateful for the great tip and interesting conversation at the museum. For food on this trip I have packed enough to feed me the next few days. For lunch I ate fresh tofu spring rolls Garett made with Goddess dressing. For dinner I had sweet potato curry soup from the Pacifica brand and I added fresh kale. It was delicious, I have never tried that soup before. Really handy having a packed meals while traveling. Then you are not at the mercy of all the restaurants along the way. It allows me to eat as a normally as possible even while on an adventure away from home. When I stopped for gas I met the sweetest show cows with soft brown eyes and met their owners/coaches. They were just heading home to OH after a big cow show.

During one of my final stops of the day I met a couple heading back to Yongstown, OH. The gentleman, Mike is also a school teacher. He teaches middle school age. I commend that, middle school is a challenging age in our lives, I am definitely a kindergarten teacher. His lady Jessica was currently finishing her teaching program. It was nice to see how teachers are fairing in another state. Seems like we all face many of the same struggles throughout the nation. During my drive today I was using my GPS to navigate my trip, when I discovered my phone was not charging as it should. It was on a low battery and the plug seemed to be doing nothing. I became slightly concerned so it was a complete blessing to run across Pat a toll worker who had such a kind, and sunny disposition despite waiting on important health news. She also gave me hand written directions to Boston before I even had to ask. This gave me great comfort if my phone died, I'd have some help. As it turns out my phone was too close to the air and wouldn't charge due to the cold. Once it warmed up a bit, it began to charge again. PHEW. Did make me realize how much I depend on GPS. One final blessing of the day was the comfort suits hotel gave me a 10% discount off my night, because I am a teacher. The day was full of so many wonderful surprises. I am excited to see what is in store for tomorrow. Have a great day! Love, April

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