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07-17-17 A lot of 7's today

Today was mainly used for traveling purposes. I love being out on the open road by myself given time to be deep in thought. During some rests and stops I met some interesting folks today. Starting with the hotel breakfast, where I invited myself to eat with a couple across the way. They of course were very kind and like a kid at lunch let me join them. Teri and his wife Kayle were on their way home from a trip. Found out he is a worship minister and we had a nice chat about faith. Love Kayle's name, I teased how kale is my favorite leaf to add to all meals. After breakfast I stopped at the nearest gas station and refilled Penny's tank. While I was there I noticed a man filling up his gas canisters, and I felt the urge to step over and ask if he were a praying man, would he say one for me for my travels. There in that moment he grabbed my hand and started to pray safe travels over me and I would have favor while on the road. I felt extreme peace and really appreciated the prayer I was not expecting to receive in the moment. I thanked him and asked his name to return the kindness and he said it is Emmet. I continued on 80 east, listening to music and chit chat. Several hours passed and during that time I was able to observe how beautiful Pennsylvania's landscape is. I plan to come back her sometime just to explore this area. Everywhere to me looks like tree covered canyons. So very lovely, I'd rather not bike or run the hills around here. WHOA. So I'll probably go for a run tomorrow to test the waters. I stopped for lunch at a rest stop and pulled out some of my packed food. I had two eggs, an orange and an avocado. I also had snacks today, some fruit bars, nuts, and popcorn. I finished out my break by rolling out my yoga mat, pillow and wool blanket between some trees in the shade. For those of you sensitive to light and sound, I used foam ear plugs which made the hwy seem like a soft hum. I used a bandana over my sunglasses so it wasn't too tight or hot. During one of my bathroom breaks, I noticed this cool cover on the bumper of a car. I thought for long trips, maybe worth using if your car is getting a lot of road action. One side note I want to share. When I was at Sandy and mike's house the first day I noticed at the end of their long drive they attached a security mirror to one of the trees to see the roadway traffic when backing out. I thought it was a pretty good idea and needed to be shared. On one of my final stops before dinner I met Jim a very kind man working at a rest station. He gave me a great tip on a beach to venture to on the way to Boston tomorrow.

Come to find out he has also made a life change and had lost over 100lbs. It was nice to meet someone in the maintaining stage and see how well he's doing. I enjoyed chatting with him and one of his friends about the surrounding bike trails and near by manmade lake where they literally bought out several towns cleared them out and dumped a bunch of water on top to build a damn. Apparently you can still see the church steeple poking through. Wild. I found a charming lil motel to stay at called the Scottish Inn. Clean and with all that I need. Including a diner next door.

I just adored the look of the diner and it was a fun place too. I met some fun college kids working there while sitting at the counter. They actually had a veggie burger and it was so delicious. I even went all out with fries and coke. I really enjoyed this chill day of adventure and the interesting people I met along the way. I am curious to see who I meet tomorrow! Have a great day Y'all. -April

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