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7-19-17 Camp Day

Waking up to the crashing sounds of waves is something I will hold dear to my heart; be thankful for always and hope I'll someday be able to hear that sound again when I wake. It was bright and hazy, making for a perfect run on the beach. Something I have actually never done very well. I have always struggled to run and especially against the terrain of sand. Being able to run now, I find to be a blessing. I don't know what I would have done with out running coming into my life. After my run I had time to eat breakfast, organize and do some writing before I hit the rode for Newport, Rhode Island. Upon entering the town I was greeted with another world feel. In the main square the streets were coble stone, lined with food and shopping options. I highly recommend a visit, I plan to go back as soon as I am able. I sat outside a café and ate my packed lunch along with a few items I got from the café. I found a wonderful new friend to talk to. She was on lunch and worked in one of the shops. She was so kind and we spoke about her upcoming trip to Vermont with her husband. This is something they do annually. My favorite spot in the square was Seamen Church Institute. It contained; Aloha, a coffee shop on one level, lodging on another and on the second floor they had a chapel and library. The real gem was the little chapel. Had such a wonderful energy and stunning to look at. Without a definite plan in place I headed toward cape cod instead of Boston. When I entered The Cape I saw a sign for camping and since I have been itching to camp I decided to stop in the small town of Sandwich. I stayed at Peter and the Pond RV Resort. I had tent sight right next to the water, what another blessing.

This time I could hear the gentle lapping of the fresh water. There was also a very nice family staying on the site next to mine. They were staying for the entire week. There is a lot to do at the campground. They have a built in pool, game room, basketball and various other outdoor activities including a small beach and swimming area. Perfect area for a family to have a more inexpensive trip with all the amenities of a resort. I unloaded my tent, coolers and bike. I put my wheel back on my bike and road to the nearest store I saw coming in, Lambert's Farm Market and a chain store. I strapped my food and fire wood to my bike and set back to finish preparing the sight. I have never camped before without another human. It was interesting, I have become used to Liz being the fire starter because all night I could not light my campfire. I did not have enough dry kindling to help the logs catch, very frustrating. I enjoyed sitting right next to the water on the beach and watching the sun set. Just beautiful and so very relaxing. For this trip I packed tuna in the package instead of the can. Turned out to be quite handy and made for a delicious dinner. I added black beans directly from the can, mixed with some franks sauce and mayo. Sounds weird, but was actually very satisfying and tasty. In the morning bound and determined I set to light that fire. Low and behold through the use of my entire notebook I finally got that guy started. My toasted bagel never had such a delicious flavor. Nothing can top the taste of success. Now I know I can camp without another person and be just fine even when it's really dark and you hear animals moving. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the campsite and the natural beauty. In the morning when getting ready to leave as I was coming down the hill back from the restroom I heard my neighbors saying they were in need of a band aid. It felt nice to come to the rescue and offer one of the ones I packed. That situation was a good reminder of perfect timing, something I needed. It was time to pack up and head toward Hyannis, Cape Cod. I remembered taking the ferry from that port area the last time I was out this way. I am not sure where I will stay tonight and it has me a little unsettled, but I am trusting just the right spot will be waiting for me. Have a charming day! Love, April

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