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7-20-17 The Cape

It was time to say goodbye to the campground and hello Lobster. Hyannis here I come! I knew to head to Hyannis to catch the ferry from a trip out here over three years ago. I decided to be bold and not use my GPS to get to Hyannis so I could wait for the perfect spot to stand out. I went East hoping I was going in the right direction. I reached 28 and realized I was on the path to Hyannis. Thank God for signs. It was right before Hyannis in West Yarmouth where I came across the Holly Tree Resort. I signed in for a night and was surprised, pleasantly by the room. It contained nice, clean furniture, a spacious layout for a studio and a kitchenette that included a larger small fridge, microwave, toaster and full dishware.

I felt instantly at home and appreciated the affordable price. I also found out I was only three miles away from Trader Joe’s, one mile away from the port where I could catch the ferry to Nantucket and just steps from several place to eat. A perfect location for all that I needed while in the cape. I decided to stay for two additional nights. It was a blessing the gentlemen at the front desk could open the room for me. After I was unpacked I decided it was time to head to the grocery store to grab some supplies. I jumped on my bike and headed toward Trader Joe’s. Though it was intimidating to ride in an unfamiliar area, I have found it to be a life saver while riding around this town. Traffic continues all day long and I just ride through the traffic jams. I discovered yesterday as well there is a nice bike/walking path along Main street and Hwy 28. I feel it is important if you’re not used to riding on sand take it easy around here. I was going a tad too fast and almost crashed. Thankfully my guardian angel pushed me toward the grass and not the vehicle zooming past. The difficulty I have found as a cyclist here is at times the path is just too narrow to ride in the street. In Wisconsin, I always ride on the street. I am not sure what the policy is here, but in WI if you’re over twelve years old, you ride on the street. Here in the cape I see many people riding on the street and the sidewalk. Drivers in Massachusetts are very courteous. On more than one occasion I have had traffic stop completely so I could cross the street. Having my bicycle gives my car Penny a rest and my legs some work. Finally, I save money because I am not having to refuel as often. I highly recommend using a bicycle while visiting anywhere. After the six plus mile ride and shopping, it was time to shower and grab dinner. I walked to a near buy super club type restaurant. The name escapes me, not due to quality, poor memory. The bartender has kind eyes and knows how to fix an Old Fashion sweet. I ordered the lobster salad sandwich and broccoli. It says something when they bring your lemon wedges for your broccoli in a cheese cloth. I am assuming to prevent me from retrieving the seeds on any level. As cool as it was, I felt a slight bit of guilt at the additional waste. The food was an A+ as well as the service. During dinner, I chatted with a fellow named Mickey who has one of his facilities for his company located in Oak Creek WI. Mickey also suggested on my way back to WI I stop at the Fox Run Vineyard in New York. He showed me some pictures and I may have to take a quick tour on the way home. I returned to the hotel with enough energy to fall asleep while reading “The Time Keeper.” I am enjoying the book thus far. I’ll let you know how things continue. May today bring a smile to your face and a bounce in your step. Love, April

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