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7-23-17 Boston Part one


I knew I was going to leave early this morning to avoid weekend traffic on a two-lane highway. After packing and enjoying the last few minutes of my stay I headed toward breakfast, with no place in mind. I headed the opposite way on route 28, and I came across a little darling, The Route 28 Diner. The food was simple but the atmosphere and company was spot on. I enjoyed my two eggs and conversation with two lovely people. The first being a gentleman to my left who is from Boston and gave me a great tip as to where to park when I reached the city. To my right I spoke to a gal who is from West Allis, WI where I grew up. I was astonished out of all the places she could be from the very same one as me. She also taught elementary school and was currently teaching inmates. We exchanged information and I told her if she were ever in Milwaukee we should grab a coffee. She said she hasn’t been in years and was recently thinking of taking a trip there. Meeting her made me feel I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Unbeknownst to me the diner was only a block away from my next stop at the Silver Unicorn to get a new Cape Cod bracelet. I had given my first one away to a dear friend. What a relief I did not have to navigate a new location, another affirmation I landed in the correct spot. The traffic coming out of the cape was moderate, but heavier as we came close to downtown Boston. I found an inexpensive parking lot, a weekend special. I got out of the car and marked my spot to be sure I could find it later. I decided to just start walking and stopping when something appealed to me. I had no place in mind for lodging and was going to wait until something stood out. There was a hotel near my car if I had no other choice. I enjoyed my day of sightseeing on foot. It’s amazing to see and absorb at such a close proximity. I came just the right day because there was a lot of public art: street performers, musicians and actors. I watched an entire show of two men doing acrobats/acro yoga. I got to help during part of their performance and hold a rope steady. There was also a live production of Romeo and Juliet playing in the commons. What luck to have access to two performances in one day at a lower cost.

Not to mention the kind people at both shows. when I was leaving the play performance my phone dropped out of my pocket and the gentleman sitting near me ran after me to return it to me. I could have gotten myself in a real pickle. It was becoming dusk and I still wasn’t sure where I was going to stay. I lent me a bit more compassion to those who by choice or not have no place to go at night. I thought back to the hotel near the car. I ended up not staying there and went back to the car to find a new location. This is when I discovered my car battery was dead. I had accidently left my running lights on all day. I asked several people if they could jump me and no one had a car. A friend, gave me some phone numbers for 24hr places open in the area. As I called it wasn’t looking good. That is until an angel named Sarah tried to help me start my car. Unfortunately, she was not able to help me and had to leave to help her ill children. She really helped me feel better even though nothing changed. I was so thankful for her presence. I must admit I was feeling quite afraid at this point. I was also in a parking lot that tows vehicles at a certain point. I was feeling I may be left with no choice but to sleep in the car for the night. That is until my second angel of the evening showed up. As I looked up asking for help I saw a AAA van driving past me and stopped at the intersection directly in front of me. I literally sprang from my car, dashed over and asked for help. He was so kind and immediately sensed I’m sure the slight hysteria setting in my tone. My car restarted and he did indicate I need a new battery soon. Just so grateful my car started. Thankfully he wanted to check my lights before he left. My doors had somehow gotten locked during all the commotion and he had his magic tool and saved me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to cry with thankfulness for his help. He didn’t even charge me for helping start my car. I am beyond grateful for the help from these two people. I was a bit shaken from the whole thing and found a lovely hotel near the airport. They even gave me a discount which really helped make my night smooth out. I learned today that there is no obstacle I can’t overcome with the kindness of others. Help someone today, you might be the only one who does. Love, April

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