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Boston Part two

After the challenge from the night before I was a bit hesitant to return to the downtown area. A deciding factor was finding Sarah to thank her for her help and let her know I made it out ok.  I had a general idea of where her office might be from out meeting the night before. This time I parked the car at the hotel parking lot located by the airport.  

I discovered to get back to the downtown area I could take a water taxi across the harbor. It was a very enjoyable ride and comparable pricewise to a land taxi.  I walked back to the offices where I thought Sarah might work. When I entered the building I spoke to a helpful gentleman who is the receptionist. He was so kind and tried calling all the  people with the name Sarah in the building to see if they were her.  He discovered one Sarah was out of the office that day. Since the Sarah I met had a sick child at home, I have hope it was her. I left a note with him and thanked him for his  above and beyond help. Before hitting the road for home I decided to have another day in the city. I have found Boston to be truly delightful. It is full of continuous things to do and lots of interesting people to engage with. It kind of reminds me of a larger Milwaukee. They have walking or riding tours of the city. I witnessed one during my lunch outside. They were discussing the Old Corner Bookstore building and its history of famous writers that would gather there. They also have water tours, I tried one the last time I visited. The Duck tour was quite fun and they even let me drive the boat for a bit.  This time I explored the city without a  plan and  really enjoyed the freedom. One of my favorite paces is Faneuil Hall Marketplace. I enjoy the many shops you can browse around. I discovered some amazing fish tacos and had great conversation with the bar tenders. I continued to browse after lunch and made may way around the city.  I enjoyed one final almond milk latte from The Thinking Cup, it was my last stop before catching the water taxi back.  It was there I met a lovely lady named Shannon. She is a writer and shared some great ideas, and inspired me with her journey. Finally, I am going to include some extra pictures in this post. I highly recommend taking a trip here with your people or solo. You won't be disappointed.

Love, April

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