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7/25-7/27 Back to MKE

After driving for about five hours I found myself fatigued and ready to stop. Due to the late hour, it did not make sense for me to stay at a hotel. I decided to sleep at a rest stop and get up early the next morning to hit the road. I happened to pick the perfect one because I woke to the kindest girls working at the Starbucks.

They were so accommodating and cheery, exactly what I needed. Since I don’t eat dairy or meat except for fish and eggs, it can be difficult to find food on the road. These two girls reconstructed a new sandwich for me by removing the meat and cheese and adding guacamole and fresh tomatoes they got from the other restaurant. It instantly started my day on a positive note. Every person working at the Pattersonville, NY rest stop has a sweet disposition and is hard working. Beginning the day this way provided the necessary stamina to drive over eight hours.

I arrived in Ohio and stayed at a lovely country inn and suits. Again, I was greeted with kindness and comfort. They had warm cookies out on the counter for guests and lemon infused water. Small amenities that provide guests with extra comfort. The hotel also offers a nice continental breakfast. I enjoyed the breakfast and it gave me the energy I needed to make it the rest of the way home to Milwaukee. When I got home I had the rest of the day to get back to normal. It was then straight back to nanny life and it felt good. Though I was excited to be home, barely unpacked I was already itching for another adventure. I learned so much about myself and other people while on the road. I highly suggest whether you are single or not, childless or not you take a trip without any other people if you’re able. I’ve always had a fear of traveling alone. Not being able to share the excitement of the adventure with another. I found I had just as much fun alone on vacation as I do when I do things alone at home. This trip has also provided me with more confidence in my capabilities and endurance. My faith in humanity has been recharged. I was at the mercy of strangers my entire trip and I was met with kindness and help the entire time. This confirmed for me that humans have an inherent desire to help others. I realized how truly blessed I am with the ability to talk to a stranger without hesitation. I am so thankful for this gift because it has allowed me to meet so many amazing humans and learn from them. This trip was life changing and deepened my desire to see as much of the world as possible. I will be back out on the road this weekend to camp with the experts. I am looking forward to being closer to home and with the company of fantastic friends. Love, April

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