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Baby Liz


Friendship, is probably one of the most important parts of any relationship. I have always been blessed with awesome friends. I learn best through the people I meet in my life and I’ve learned the most through those I’ve become close friends with. My bestest friend happens to be my favorite human, Baby Liz. She is coincidently my younger sister. I still remember the day I was with my parents at the OBGYN office. We were waiting to hear if “the rabbit died” a phrase commonly used to indicate if a woman is pregnant. To an eight-year-old it just sounded funny. As soon as I heard that bunny croaked I instantly started crying with joy. Even now I cry whenever I feel joy. I was so excited I was finally going to have the playmate I always desired. My very first little sister and I was finally going to be the cool big sister. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in June and I was sleeping at my Aunt Susie’s house, she often babysat me. It was as I recall sometime in between 12am and 12pm when we received the call the big blue eyed, raspy voice, precious angel had finally dropped from heaven. She certainly was a little cherub with: a sweet round face, big beautiful eyes, golden tendrils and a soft belly. Perfectly squeezable in every way. I recall seeing a picture of me lining Liz up on my bed like the other dolls. Clearly my mom was aware of the situation. BL was so very fun to play with. One of her favorite activities as a baby was watching the topical fish swim around the 20-gallon tank. She would sit in her seat just mesmerized by all the bright floating colors. Like every sibling relationship we’ve had our ups and downs. I would tease her with great joy when I was in middle school and when she was in middle school, everything I did seemed to annoy her. Current day October, Liz is still my favorite human on Earth. She has always been a source of support and peace that I have needed at every bump in the road. She knows me better than any other person and I trust her implicitly. Liz is always good at helping me see my situations with fresh eyes and a softer heart. I have never felt judgment from her only continuous love. I’d be truly lost without my other half, my sister. Thank you for being exactly you, my sweet Baby Liz!

Love, Apes

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