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Jaimie + Thailand= Adventure

It’s with great joy and a smidge of heart ache, I and many others send our dear friend off to Thailand on Wednesday. Jaimie is leaving to teach Thai children how to speak English. Last night we enjoyed an evening with this fine young lady, celebrating her upcoming life change. I am so impressed by her bravery and hard work to make one of her dreams come true. Anyone, who knows Jaimie can already hear her laugh in their head. She is a person who enjoys fun and is always ready for the next adventure. Not only is she brave, she is beautiful on the inside and outside. One of the first times she impressed me was when Liz was in college. Liz was taking this nitpicky class with an enormous amount of assignments. Jaimie helped Liz with ideas and support, like any great friend. Liz and Jaimie found each other through public education. They met sometime between the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I feel so blessed to have gained a dear friend through their friendship. Liz has mentioned on several occasions how smart Jaimie is and I have found that to be a very accurate statement. Jaimie has a large knowledge base about most things. If you have a question, she’d be a good person to share the question with. I know Jaimie is going to do amazing things on this trip because she is so outgoing, intelligent, kind and hard working. Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind she will be able to build relationships with every class of 45 children. The sheer number of her case load makes me truly grateful for my small class of 15. Though the sound of her class size is daunting. I know with her charm and wit she will do just fine. I think those little people will keep her grounded and strong while she is so far from all that is home. They have the potential to become her little family, maybe actually a large family. My students have become my little family once again and are my allies. Not only do I feel Jaimie is going to impact many lives, hers will be forever changed through this new life. I cannot wait to read about her amazing experiences on her blog.

Every time Jaimie comes to mind, I will be sending loving vibes her way! Happy Sunday Funday! Love, April

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