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Nicholas scissor hands

For the past several months I have been cutting my own hair.  It all started when I decided one day to cut off the two pony tails that were dangling on either side of my ears. I have enjoyed the process of cutting my own hair. Absolute control and free of cost.  Thankfully I haven’t had any major mishaps through the challenge/experiment.  Recently, I came to the decision it was time to call on the help of a professional. This is where my cherub like friend Nick has saved the mop atop my noggin.  He is an amazing stylist at Neroli Spa and Salon.  He works the scissors the way an artist works a paint brush.  He has cut my hair into an adorable little bob that makes me feel and look like the spice drop I am.  I highly recommend setting up an appointment with him.  He works at the Neroli located in the third ward of Milwaukee on St. Paul Ave. Beware of the construction on St. Paul. There is a parking lot next to the freeway a block away from the salon.   If you have not been to a Neroli Salon you should go ASAP.  They begin by placing a robe over you, not a cape.  Already helping you begin to feel like a queen or king.  You are then offered a beverage option of: water, tea, soda or coffee.  I suggest the tea for the ultimate spa feeling.  The next part of the cut is probably the reason people come back again and again. You are lead to the washing area, which is my favorite part.  They clean and hydrate your locks, massage your scalp with essential oil and wrap it with a hot towel. All I can type is ahhhhhh, delicious. Not only did Nick listen to my request he exceed my expectation by cutting it for my face while respecting what I wanted.  I feel like I have found just the cut for me, at least until the desire of long hair returns. For now I will enjoy the bouncy mane and step.  Cheers and happy autumn!  Thanks for reading!

 Love, April

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