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Happy belated New Year

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope this new year has already brought: joy, love, peace, laughter and prosperity. If none of those apply yet, try not to be discouraged, there's still time. Time has always been an issue for me. Too early, late or otherwise consumed by waiting for something to happen. I strive to live as presently as possible, but it can be a real struggle. Time is the one constant we all have. Whether we have: too little, too much of or making the best use of time we all need it. I try to schedule certain things into my daily life to help it run a little smoother and as healthfully as I can. So, I would like to allocate more time to writing about what's on my mind through this blog. My goal is to write at least one post per week. Seems easy to some and impossible to others. Finding the time is the challenge, but self care is important for all of us. My friend Sam told me while going through my health change, when saying "I will try, allows room for failure and when you say I will do it, you will succeed." I want to succeed therefore, I will get this done on a weekly basis. Its really how we use the time we're given. I have to look at my own schedule and decide as a childless woman what I am going to change to make it happen. I don't know how parents do it? Don't know how you schedule time to sleep? Golly you guys are heroes and have the hardest job on earth! Thank you for helping create the next generation of humans. Anything good is worth the challenge of getting it. This is good for me so I am up for the challenge. For those who read this, I thank you from my whole heart for your encouragement and TIME. Stay tuned for next week when I bring you some of my favorites; a list of items I currently can't live without.

Blessings and love to you all, April

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