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As Andrews says a few of my favorite things...

Happy Saturday, hope your day is charming. Recently I was inspired to share my “favorites”: a small sampling of some favorite items I am currently using. These items help my day to day run smoother.  I feel more prepared and relaxed. These items help make my work week just slightly less taxing. Hope some of these items bring a little joy or peace to your life. 

I  try to add some form of leafy greens to every meal. Aides in digestion and adds additional nutrients.

 Using this tea has helped me kick my afternoon caffeine desire and has helped hydrate me.

 The lotion's  formula is intended for our smallest humans. It softens my skin thirty years back and has a relaxing, spa smell. Its great to use right  before bed.

 This gum is a bit more expensive, but is a savings in sugar and aftertaste.

 I struggle with my skin. We're in a constant argument  of cleansing or moisturizing. I swab my face with the WH in the morning and evening.  I keep a small facial spray at school, home(s), and in my purse. I spray  on my face all day long. The spray is my daytime moisturizer.  I use an aloe based moisturizer before bed as well. This seems to be helping balance my skin when I am consistent.

 My main beverage consumption is H2o and I like to jazz it up with therapeutic (digestible)  grade essential oil.  Check out Young Living.

 This guy makes an appearance at many of my meals. Using this has helped me kick adding additional table or sea salt to my food. Though this contains sodium I appreciate the anti-inflammatory  benefits the cayenne brings.

Chia seed pudding

The finished product is to my left and all of its ingredients are pictured above. This is my favorite snack and super easy to make. 2cups coconut milk

1/2 cup chia seeds 1/2tsp cinnamon 1/4 sweetener (not pictured) and I add 1tbs of golden milk for flavor and health benefits.  Makes fore serving's I use vanilla almond milk to thin to desired texture.

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