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Price is Nice

Happy Saturday and spring break. Yesterday evening marked the start of my spring break. I am excited to have some relaxation and extra time to get things done. As excited as I was to start my break, it was hard to say goodbye to my teaching assistant, Angie. Yesterday was her last day at our school. She is needed in a new position and am excited to see her flourish. Angie arrived at my kindergarten class spring of 2017. Prior to her arrival there was a stretch of about 12 weeks without a teaching assistant. In Kindergarten four hands are always better than two and not always something you receive. She was a true sight for sore eyes. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but a remarkable human on the inside. After working with her for just one day I knew she was the one I prayed for.

Angie has a great personality: intelligent, funny and quick witted. She also has a great work ethic, willing to do anything to help a child or adult. I was so thankful to be blessed with another wonderful paraprofessional. Her generosity touched my heart right before our winter break. She and her church donated enough gifts for each k5 student to receive brand new clothes and toys. A true need for most of our families at our school. I know many of the students adore her and have been positively impacted by her teaching. During our year I also learned she is an awesome mom of four. We’d talk about all her mom adventures and in my opinion, she makes it look easy. She is helping her children discover who they are and encourages them to be the kind of people that possess self-love and confidence. I am truly inspired by Angie’s faith, energy and trust. I can’t thank her enough for all her help and support.

Thanks for reading. Love, April

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