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I think every person on this earth has been on other side of gossip at some point in their life. I know I have, either been the person saying the words or having the words said about them.

Merriam Webster defines it as Function: noun 1 : a person who reveals personal or sensational facts 2 a : rumor or report of a personal nature b : chatty talk

This year in my classroom we have been struggling with saying kind words to each other. My students pick at each other a lot. In-front of each other or behind each other. We have been doing healing circles and social emotional lessons to help. Even I have been struggling with pointing out my students’ strengths instead of just correcting them. I believe it starts with a positive mindset with self. This is something I work on regularly. My self-talk can be down right mean and judgmental. My mom would tell me growing up and still to this day I am my own worst critic.

Why do I judge myself so harshly? I suppose it boils down to self-love? Do I love me? Honestly, for the most part I enjoy all aspects of myself, but I have a few areas in which I don’t like very much and tend to focus on those areas instead of my favorites. My goal is to focus on the parts of myself that I currently love and not the things I don’t. I can’t speak for all women, but I think many of us judge ourselves against each other. Then in our heads we quietly critic why we are not more like them and if we were we’d be better. I know there are some women I wish I was more like and am not. I am trying to remind myself that I was made just as I am desired to be, even if I don’t see it that way right now. Timing has always been my struggle, and I believe I was gifted a student this year with a similar struggle. He asks me 100 times a day what’s coming next? Reminds me to slow down and enjoy me in this moment instead of when I am going to better. Intellectually I know I am perfectly this April and not that April for a good reason. To have this kind of mindset is a challenge, because it is easier at times to think negatively. I have found, when negative thought patterns begin if I indulge in them I will travel down a road of sadness. As my friend Milka suggested I need to cut that negative thought right there and move on to a positive thought. Truth be told it has been working. I have used this strategy a few times this past week. The process only takes seconds. I am writing this piece to hold myself to a higher standard of love for me. When I tell people of my intentions, I must follow through because they maybe watching. If you are a person who struggles with saying nice things to yourself, I urge you to make a list today and then make a list of nice words for someone else you love. Be blessed and may the sun shine in your heart today. Love April

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