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The Skin You're in

Good Morning and happy Sunshine because I am not sure when I’ll publish this piece and today is sunny. It has been rainy and cloudy for the past sixish days, a real b-day kiss from WI. Sloppy! Thankfully, when I visited my cousin a few weeks ago I got myself a raincoat from Costco. A wise decision after this past week. The topic of discussion today is a difficult one to write about. I have put off writing about this for well over a month and finally the Lord strong armed me into it with bacon and leaving my house without my cell phone for the morning. The topic of discussion is my struggle with my extra skin since the weight loss. I have been maintaining my weight for two years and it has been a difficult mentally. I should love my body now because I am literally half the size and you would think I’d finally be content, but no. I have been obsessing over my skin for awhile now and I am not sure how to stop. I have had many people suggest I just get it removed and I have thought about getting it done myself and hesitated based on cost and recovery. I have recently thought what if I get it all removed and I am still not satisfied… What then??? Which is why I think I must go through the brain this time instead of the body. My body is my usual go to. Push myself physically to feel better about myself. The downside is linking self-love to performance. I think this post is meant to catapult me into my journey of falling in-love with my body. I suppose I will try my best to document my journey on here. To say try does imply I may fail but I know even if I fail the first time I try, I’ll just try again. I am mainly German and English so stubborn is in my DNA as well I am a Taurus. So, I will start by adding a picture of my excess skin on my arm. A picture I took while doing yoga and saw my skin differently that day. Saw it in such away that there was no deception, it was just skin. Have a marvelous day! I am sending you love and sunshine.


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