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I will unfortunately be posting this past my scheduled bedtime, but I am trying to build a habit, therefore I must be consistent. Though I guess I am breaking one routine to do the other… Not enough time to get it all done. This post will be brief, but maybe some of you may think my usual posts are brief. I suppose it comes down to perspective. Anywho today started out emotionally rough for me and so I was beyond grateful to have my bike ride to order myself. On my ride I discovered my new favorite spot. It is right after I turn off Lisbon onto N. 76th and pass this beautiful cemetery. What truly makes it so lovely is the way in which the sun casts across it early in the morning. I see it in a new way from the bicycle perspective and it just became more beautiful today. School was another productive and successful day. Figuring out new things to try this year and getting excited to meet my new friends. Hoping they come to me whole and happy. The day went fast and after school I tried to ride home quickly to make my last summer movie. I would go almost every 5$ Tuesday with one of my best friends. We saw a very disturbing movie “Ready or Not”. Despite the disgusting scenes and disturbing content, it was entertaining and mildly humorous. The best surprise of the day was when I arrived home and found a grocery bag waiting for me outside my house filled with disinfecting wipes for my classroom. There was also a little note of love from my other parents. You know growing up your best friend’s parents and they become your other mom and dad. It melted my heart and finished my day with such happiness and peace. I am so grateful for another blessing filled day.

Good Night and Happy Dreams.


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