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I am writing a tad earlier today as I sit here with all my art on my driveway. I felt prompted to do an art garage sale today and tomorrow. Not sure what will come of it but hoping for the best. When I woke this morning, it was the first time I ever cried because I couldn’t go to work. School has been such an emotional blessing this past week. I am not sure if it will ever happen again, but I will always treasure the day I loved my job so much I cried because I couldn’t do it. I decided to try I new spot for my Saturday morning yoga. A park near my home offers it at 9 am and this was coincidentally their last Saturday hosting it. When I rode my bike over, I couldn’t find anyone, so I let the lord lead me on an adventure. I have never been to the park before and so I just rode around until the perfect spot was shown. The haven I discovered was alongside the pond and willow trees (my soul tree). I enjoyed my quiet, solo yoga in the sunshine. I’ll add photos of my adventure at the end of this post. I am excited to report in the short time that I have scribbled these words I have sold one painting and met one of my nice neighbors! YAY! Her first comment to me was how she used to live in Riverwest and this reminded her of something she would see there, I took it as a compliment. I then had a young woman lean out her car and ask if I was going to do this every weekend or at least tomorrow so she could bring her daughter back. Even if nothing else comes of this experiment, my obedience was fruitful as God told me it would be. Wouldn’t you know it, I just sold two more paintings after writing that sentence. My cheeks are currently hurting from the smile plastered on my face. After my yoga I tied my hair into two braids and continued to ride my bike for another eleven miles and soaked up the pristine weather WI will probably only offer me another few weeks. I don’t mind though because autumn is one of my favorite seasons and I am looking forward to all the pumpkin spice distractions. I just felt a single rain drop so I guess that is my cue to wrap up this post and clear off the driveway until tomorrow! Have a wonderful evening.

Love, April

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