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This morning was probably the coolest ride I have done so far this school year. About 50 degrees when I left the house at 6 am. One benefit, I didn't sweat at all, not even my undergarments were damp. The ride was nice, I really enjoy riding early in the morning. The afternoon stresses me out, I have a very limited time gap between my teaching job ending and nanny job beginning. Today I didn't realize was a meeting day, I thought it was a different day so I ended up riding my bike. I plan to take my car on the one or two meeting days per week I have due to the time constraint. On those days I plan to do a fasted run instead of the fasted ride. Anyway, I had a safety net of the buses running late this entire week. I also made a new old friend at the bus stop. An acquaintance I made a few years back but haven't seen in awhile. So we made a deal if she's not there on time for what ever reason, I will take her daughter to my house and if I am running behind she will grab my nanny kiddos. Just feels nice to know I have the help if I need it.

Over the past two days I have met all 18 of my students and I am excited about all of them. They all poses a unique personality and are excited to learn. I am hoping I don't get any more students, fingers crossed. Eighteen five year olds chanting my name for seven hours straight is plenty. I was blessed by two surprises today. My friend Julie brought me more delicious tomatoes from her garden, which I paired with my salmon tonight for dinner. YUM. Also when I came home, I noticed my porch was filled with new plants. My mom is on vacation this week and stopped by today and dropped them off for my sister and I. She knew we both could use the cheering up. I am very thankful to have the mom I do. If you can or desire, tell your mom how much you love her. Never know how many more times you may have the chance to tell her. Peace and happy dreams.



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