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This is surely my latest entry this week, but I got back late from a hot date I took myself on to the golf range, grocery store, and dinner. Fridays have always been a highlight, my favorite day of the week. As of late, they’ve been a bit tumultuous, and somewhat lonesome. I did really enjoy the golf range after a long week.  I worked on my swing and only took my driver. My success was keeping my eye on the ball. May have to swing by the range more often, pun intended. The school was full today, busy from start to finish. I arrived at about 6:30 am and quickly dove into preparation for the day. Meeting the entire eighteen at once was a bit unnerving. All went well, they are an interesting group of kiddos, and the most ethnically diverse group I’ve ever taught. Gender wise, as usual, it's heavy in the boy dept. I always seem to have a majority boy class with a sprinkling of little ladies. One of my lil friends told us the other day he wanted to go to France so he could see the Eiffel Tower. I asked him if he knew any French and he replied with Bonjour. I was honestly surprised, but pleasantly so. This same little fellow has such a sweet demeanor and speaks so eloquently for a five-year-old. I am excited to watch these little humans blossom throughout the year. The physical space in the room is taking getting used to, they are a larger group than I have had in the past few years. Thus far, they are working well in proximity to each other. Hoping as they grow their tolerance for close quarters does too. 

This school year I am trying something new, really focusing on getting enough sleep and keeping a consistent bedtime. I have allowed too many nights of running on six or seven hours of sleep and it just steals my sparkle. I am forcing myself to have an early bedtime apart from Friday and Saturday nights. Though I have read staying up late is not the best practice, and keeping your same bedtime on the weekends is optimal. That may be true, but hardly realistic and or much fun. So now that I am well past my bedtime, I should wrap this paragraph up! Have a happy weekend.



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