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Surprised, pleasantly so.


Well the Lord strong armed me into reflecting on this platform again, this time through the words of a child I met this evening. I have mentioned on here a few times already I am a kindergarten teacher in my 13th year. I have always been able to connect with children quickly and can entertain them easily. I hit a new record tonight.

After rock climbing this evening, I met the most outgoing and adorable strawberry blonde boy with big green eyes named Sam. Our conversation lasted about two and a half minutes and within that time frame he told me about his favorite games, favorite book series about cats (OMG) and asked me about combination locks and changing tables. At the end of our brief conversation he asked me for a hug and told me he loved me. I have never had a child tell me they love me within only a few minutes of meeting me. I was in awe!!!! I have over the years had children after days, weeks or months tell me they love me and wished I was their mother, but never after only minutes. It made me feel so good as a teacher. I am doing what I have been called to do despite the challenges teaching has posed over the past decade and some change. The Lord knows exactly what to do to convince me, and lately I’ve requested some convincing. He continued to do so when I then went to the whole paycheck and found my prized probiotic on sale for 10$ off a pack of six and I of course bought two packs. Yes, I did do an excited jump and arm flutter when I saw the deal with a slight squeal. I was jazzed because I couldn’t afford them at the end of summer and the lack of their existence in my life affected my gut for sure. The past week after teacher money, I’ve been drinking them like shakes. These two events propelled me into doing something that made me truly uncomfortable and something I was prompted to do on July 22. I met a very nice young lady and felt prompted that day to give her a bottle of my favorite nail polish brand, he didn’t say when just said I was going to do it. I’d know the day. While I was at the whole paycheck the nail polish was on sale as well. And I felt prompted again. So, I made a deal with him, if she was working tonight, I would give her the bottle, and if not, the bottle would go to baby Liz. When I first entered I didn’t see her and felt a phew for not having to sound like a crazy person and my promptings… as I turned the corner she was working in the service area so I did what I felt I was supposed to do. She didn’t seem too disturbed and was thankful for the gesture. By the way this evening was only the second time I have ever seen her there. Every other time I have gone she hasn’t been there. A divine appointment I suppose. She must really need this polish in her life.

This evening brought unexpected peace, my most sought after and I am thankful for that. God surprised me tonight and I needed it. Peace and pleasant dreams as I am already into my bedtime so please disregard my writing errors.

Love, April

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