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7-6-17 workout

For fitness today I accomplished a super set of cardio. I started out the morning getting up at 4:45 am to run two miles. I always wake up at least 15 before a run so I can drink water and protect my heart by not running too soon after rising. If I am running four or less miles, I will either do a fasting run or use a great product called hammer gel. If I am running more than four miles I am sure to eat a full meal at least an hour before my run. I save my longer runs for a Saturday. I do better running long runs mid morning as apposed to my usual 5am/6am run time. I also use hammer gel during a run when I do longer than four miles or while cycling more than five miles. it digests easily and gives me a steady boost of energy. I completed my first half marathon in April and loved it. Hammer Gel saved my during miles 10-13. I will begin training for my full marathon at the end of July and will be running the race in October. I am going to add an article I read about running tips. It may give some good ideas for those of you interested in running or already run.

After my run I made myself breakfast, and then rode to my nanny job which is only 1.2 miles away.

While working with the children I took them on a two mile walk in the nanny tram.

Pulling these three little angles for two miles has been a great workout, especially for my deltoids and shoulders. I am mindful to switch arms regularly and when climbing a hill with them I use both arms.

I finished the super set by riding my bicycle home.

Though it was only a total of six miles for all three exercises, the next morning I certainly felt it.

The last thing I want to share today is the importance of getting enough protein while being involved with any kind of fitness. When you tear your muscles down, you need protein and amino acids to help build them back up. Here is a picture of one of the protein powders I use. This is not my regular powder, I will include a picture of that one in a later post. This one contains no dairy, 20g protein in a 120 calorie serving.

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