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This will probably be my quickest and latest post after having conferences until 6:30 and a board meeting after that but I received a message on my class dojo that I saw tonight I have to share it since it was my conference night and I don't always feel a great success from parental involvement. The child was a student of mine from two years ago.  She should be a second grader now. She also attends a new school. She must have used her mom's cell phone to send me the message. The App is a teacher/parent involvement app that allows teachers and families to communicate children's behavior and academics. Her words made me feel very successful and loved this evening. I'm assuming she did voice to text which is why my name came out Larry Fink. A truly unexpected affirmation that showed me I am doing a better job than I thought. 💕 tomorrow is the pumpkin farm, praying for dry skies and pants all-day 🙏🏼



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