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The wilderness

Good morning and Happy Saturday. I'm finishing a short adventure with the Lord to WI Dells. A place I've never gone to alone before but proved to be a dazzling surprise. When the Lord twisted my arm to book the night over a month ago I gave a big eye roll. But he knew... He knew my life the past few weeks would be insane. Report card season and dreams. So it came at the perfect time and I had so much fun being 10-year-old April again. I didn't have much of a swimming season this past summer. My body dysmorphia was at it's worst and swimming suits made me uncomfortable. Tried one beach day and that was enough... Still working on my body image and slowly it's coming together. This water adventure was extra fun due to the wait. I got a deal on the Wilderness through the kids I nanny and I highly recommend this property. Even their brown door rooms come with a slight kitchenette. I was able to make my dinner in the room, which was certainly handy because the food cost of the area is high, and allowed me extra water play. I brought three suits, handy and I recommend  it. Reminds me of when I was a child and Al and Steph trusted me to pack my suitcase. Rookie mistake, the five-year old me only brought her stuffed gray cat and swim suit. Got all new clothes. 😜 The hotel comes with three water parks. I only made it to one because I became obsessed with one inner tube ride that sends you soaring through the darkness until you hit a swirling psychedelic room. I climbed the seven staircases probably seven times it was so fun. They also have a sweet hot tub that connects from the inside to the outside. Magical. Having people give me strange looks for being there alone, my profession as a teacher saved me again. As I told people I met I was there alone i'd get an "oh that's nice" like I was a freak... Mainly families and children there. As soon as I said I was a teacher and had finally finished my grades earlier that day I suddenly received smiles and relieved looks on their faces. I love traveling alone, some of my best moments have come during those adventures. In any regard, if you're in the mood to play in the water I highly recommend it. I only took one pic, refer to the site if you want more. Hope your weekend is safe and full of fun. 



Ps. If you're not into crowds, this is the weekend to go. Apparently, it was dead, so busy will prolly never be an option for me. Lol 

Hail to the offseason. 

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