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It's an early post today. I woke up early today at 4:17am with another dream from God. It was about a dear friend I haven't seen in over a year and I've been prompted to change that! I am also pleased to say when I woke up from the dream I physically felt so much better. I've been fighting another death virus for almost a week now. It took me throwing up in front of my students last Thursday morning for me to take a sick day. With the shortage of subs in the district, I struggle with being gone and the potential of my 5-year-olds being disbursed throughout the building. My k5 team stepped in and made it so easy to go home. They are the best ladies I have ever worked with!  I actually missed school Friday as well, called in sick to my life Saturday and had some mobility Sunday. Yesterday was a struggle at work, I was feeling about 70 percent. God told me last night if I did what he told me to do I would wake feeling better. I didn't believe him but did it anyway and here I am feeling noticeably better and I am thankful! Hence the post this Morning. By the way, his magic directions were: tea, Bio-k, rest, EAT, early bedtime. I woke feeling grateful and I am going to lead the day with a grateful heart. I hope this inspires you to find something to be grateful for today! Peace and best wishes. Love, April 

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