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I am happy to report I survived a grueling week. My new friend is slowly adjusting to our room with constant redirection and praise. If I am too firm with him it causes him to shut down and flip me off. So, I decided a different approach lots of raffles using tiger tickets and telling him how amazing he is about every seven minutes. Every time I compliment the desired behavior he responds with “I am??” Which leads me to the prompt I heard from God about him being sent to me to be loved. Unfortunately, the same day I received him I received a gift I believe directly from Satan. A death virus that left me with body aches all night Tuesday and all-day Wednesday while I was at work. Working with the flu and children is nearly impossible but I had a PALS testing day and I had to get all my assessments completed for my first round of conferences on Thursday. Thankfully I had a sub to help me on Wednesday. A blessing I didn’t know was coming when I randomly picked that day to have the sub help. The Lord knew what was coming. Another unexpected blessing was sleeping all the way through the night Wednesday, something that hasn’t happened in few months. I have been fighting insomnia way too many nights to count. Besides the 12 hours I spent at school on Thursday I felt better. Sadly, I was up at 3:16 am this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep until 4:30. Normally I would have just gotten up and started my day, but I knew I wouldn’t survive the school day like that. So, I was generous with myself and slept till 6:15 ish. You may be wondering why not call in!? We are in a shortage of subs in our district which casts the burden upon my colleagues. A few weeks ago, in addition to my own 19, I had four extra students from other classrooms due to teacher absences. Therefore, calling in when one of my grade level partners is supposed to have her PALS day, I was afraid they’d take her sub and give it to my room. As it turned out the sub assigned to her never even showed up. I am sure my students would have been separated and put into different rooms,scary for a five year old.Today went well besides me fading toward the end of the day and losing patience with any small human. I do have to note this morning I received a sweet reminder I was supposed to power through by a small token of affection from one of my little darlings. He brought me a single flower which melted my heart instantly. I hugged him immediately and felt at peace for forcing myself to show up despite my fatigue. Now that my day is finally done, and my nanny friends just left a little over an hour ago I am going to go play some games with my climbing friends. Have a Happy Weekend!



Ps. My Mom’s friend got the fam and I tickets to West Side Story Saturday night and I am so darn jazzed!!! I love musicals and music in general, I will report with all the spectaculars.

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