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Music to my ears

Last night I challenged myself to leave my cozy apt and head out into the rain. The lord prompted me to try something new. I looked up music in the area found a show I was willing to risk 20$ and the lord did not lead me astray. As promised the show was a hoot and the people watching was top notch! The band was The R & B Cadets. They are all talented musicians and I was especially fond of the female sax player. She may be the best player I've seen live and her velvety alto voice was a perfect pairing, really. Her name is Julie Wood and she's from Chicago. I spoke to her briefly between sets and found her to be a delight in person as well. It was a pleasure to watch people enjoying their favorite music. It melted my heart a little and the energy was contagious. I needed a large scale dose of happy energy. The evening was enjoyable from start to finish. I was even blessed with a free drink from a kind gentleman. I highly recommend being spontaneous and giving all music a chance, almost can't go wrong when it's live! Peace, April 

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