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Pole class

I just have to get a bit gushy about my new favorite activity. By the title, you may have guessed fishing... No just kidding of course pole dancing. One of my climbing buddies introduced it to me when we took a lap chair class a few months back. I then took a pole workshop class and decided I wanted to take pole one and on black Friday I got a delightful six-week hot deal.

 I, of course, am all ready to sign up for pole two and buy my heels. Except I hate high heels for two reasons: how tall they make me and how uncomfortable they are. Maybe this is a challenge to force me into loving them. I enjoy pole dancing because it forces me out of my comfort zone and enables me to embrace my body. Something I am working on daily. It's working though because the four classes I've taken thus far have made me love my body a little more. I also love this sport because it's physically tough to hoist up yourself up and twirl around a pole. I'm finding it's helping build up strength for climbing. The instructors are knowledgeable, kind and really good at modeling the movements. Music is played throughout so I made sure I picked an instructor who played the kinda music I dig. The classes are comprised of all shapes, sizes, and ages. You don't need any tools except I've found Power Grip liquid chalk has been really great for the pole. One warning are the bruises you may acquire as I came home with a nasty one on my inner thigh tonight. A small price for a fun workout. I highly recommend giving a try to one class as you may love it too! I'll end on a sweet note and share my new song obsession. The gentleman's baritone voice has such a lovely tone and he floats into his upper register with such ease.

Hope you have a dandy evening,


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