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Adventure to Delavan Lake 7-8-17 through 7-9-17

Happy Weekend! When I am on an adventure, I will ​​

just be including what I eat and do for fitness in one longer

blog post and post it to the adventures page.

I started out Saturday morning by completing a three mile run. I use the Strava app to track all of my running, walking and cycling.The app also allows you to follow other athletes. Liz and I hit the road listening to tunes, laughing and munching on green beans.

When we arrived they ladies were hard at work preparing for lunch and an afternoon out on the water. It was a blessing to be part of such an exciting weekend with truly lovely and engaging humans. Most of the Snow clan is dairy free and some are gluten free due to allergies. It was easy for us to eat healthy this weekend with all the fresh veg and fruit.


*salad with walnuts, dried cherries, and tomatoes

*dressed with Bragg vinaigrette


*lemon infused water

** I'll just note now I had various cocktails through out the day and evening, alternating with water


*black bean burger with mushrooms,

BBQ sauce and no bun

*pasta salad

*kale salad with a poppy seed dressing

*lemon infused water

* two cookies and half a piece of cake for dessert

* chips and salsa

My cousin Chris is marrying this beautiful gal, Lauren who has a heart of gold. Also pictured are her lovely friends and adorable sister Jackie.

7-9-17 Meals

( Sunday is usually my active rest day)


*coffee with almond milk

* oatmeal bar with peanut butter

*scrambled eggs on top of greens'

*fresh fruit


*Snyders gluten free pretzel sticks 30

*1/2 of a macro bar

*protein shake


*three pickle spears


* I warmed up leftover broccoli,

rice and tofu and added greens


*spiral carrots

*spiral sweet potatoes

*1/2 can coconut cream

*szechuan sauce

*broccoli slaw

*beyond chicken strips

*fresh tomatoes and basil

I simply put all the above items in a medium skillet

and warmed it to the correct temperature, adding the slaw last for a nice crunch.

Tomorrow I leave for my next mini adventure to IL to visit Linda and Chris on the farm. Then a visit with Sensi to learn some more cool stuff about the violin. I wish you all a lovely evening and a happy week ahead.



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