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After a great few days with Linda and Chris, I headed to Chicago for a visit with Amanda and Liz. While driving and in prayer, it was decided the Sunday after getting home from Chicago I was going on another adventure. I will explain the adventure toward the end of this post. When I arrived to the city, Amanda was still working and  I had some work to do on the blog so I  decided to head to the MAP ROOM. It is a little cafe/bar with free snacks and tasty drinks. While there I had a beer, and some fresh free veggies. After Amanda was done babysitting we met back at her place and sat down to a delicious dinner her wife Liz made. We had: rice, chickpeas, coconut milk, curry and peas. After dinner Amanda and I found a fun, free activity of  watching some stand up comedy. It was a great night. Some of the jokes were funny and some were not. One of the comedians was a man named Jet.   He is a wise man who encouraged me in my faith and gifted me with a beautiful bracelet he had made earlier that day.  Our night ended up going rather late and after walking home we decided to have a snack of rice and beans. I must mention when visiting Amanda and Liz I get to be at the domestic farm with all their sweet fur babies. I definitely get my dog fix that I so need! In the morning we woke and I made the ladies Linda's farm fresh eggs over easy with potatoes and spinach. Before heading back home I had an amazing violin lesson with the most gifted violinist I have had the privilege to learn from.   As I mentioned before I will be going on a new adventure starting Sunday at 3:30am. I have spent the past few days preparing for the adventure. Which is why I have not had a regular post.  I will be heading out East towards Boston and  traveling throughout the Cape by bicycle. I will be only going on this trip with God and the supplies I am bringing. This is something I have never done before.  This adventure is that of faith, trust, hope and expectancy. I am trusting God will amaze me as always through the kindness of others, situations and the earths natural beauty. I have never taken a trip without any plans in place. I will be on this adventure for ten days I believe and documenting it on this blog. I am taking a limited list of supplies which I will detail when I am able to stop, rest and upload photos.  I am privileged to have the faith I do. The picture below is not that of me, but a free upload. I felt it fit this post. Thank you kindly for and kind thoughts you can send my way. Love, April

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