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Nantucket 7-21-17

The bed I am currently sleeping in is very comfortable, oddly like the one at home. I needed the rest for the exciting day I had ahead of me. I woke up early which was handy because it allowed me to do a load of laundry before the day really began. Luckily the resort has washing facilities. While I waited for the laundry I began to write. Once I wrote up an appetite I decided to head to Keltic Kitchen for some eggs. The portions are very generous and I was literally able to get two full breakfast meals out of it. Considering breakfast is a less expensive meal out, I really got a bang for my buck. It was time to prepare for my day in Nantucket. I took along a backpack so I could have more things available to avoid having to buy something I didn't want to buy on the island. I brought plenty of water, extra undergarments, sunscreen and a lunch. I packed my lunch of: a bagel with almond butter, carrots, tomatoes and hummus. A cool trick I discovered yesterday was putting the hummus in a tiny zip lock bag. When it came time to eating my veggies I put a small cut in the corner of the bag and simply squeezed the hummus onto the veg.

Really handy when you don’t know if you’ll have a table to dip on. As I mentioned before, my lodging is only a mile away from the port to take the ferry. Another blessing of the bicycle is not having to wait in the long lines to park by the port, but also the addition cost of parking for the day. If you plan to park for a week it will be costly. The ferry does add a bit of cost, but in my eyes well worth it. They have drinks and snacks available for purchase and it’s more like a cruise than a bus ride on water. There are three levels of comfortable seating, inside or out and there is air conditioning. I had no schedule of times to get on the ferry, I just headed over when I was ready. figured I’d walk around the port area, which contains art and jewelry for sale in tents. After I purchased my ticket I had just enough time to grab a quick iced coffee and start waiting in line. I was grateful for the cold coffee and sunscreen as the sun was HOT. I met a delightful family on the cruise. I spoke to the grandparents, Cheryl and Bobbie. They were taking four of their grandchildren to Nantucket. The previous trip out east they spent time in Martha’s Vineyard, which is where jaws the movie was filmed if you didn’t know. Really cool place to visit, I highly recommend it. The mass of us left the ship and we were immersed into another world feel. You step out onto coble stone streets with buildings original looking to the start of our country. The streets as you go further from the port turn into regular streets with coble stone sidewalks indicating what once was. Being here ignites a desire to go overseas to see how truly old our earth is. I knew the port area would be a mad house of congestion and overstimulation for my senses so I had to get away to a quieter spot. I began walking and meandered for probably a mile or so finding a sweet little area for lunch. It was outside next to another dock of private and resort owned boats. There are picnic tables to sit at facing the water. This area was designated for guests of the resort, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. As the previous out door spot I had chosen preferred me not sit on their property. He appreciated me asking first. When I asked the worker if I could sit at their picnic tables he immediately said of course and to enjoy myself. It is amazing how many businesses have opened their doors to me to use their restroom or grab additional water. I have been greeted with nothing but kindness while on this journey. People have helped me continuously without even asking at times. I spent the afternoon shopping, drinking coffee and day dreaming about staying on the island for a wedding, a fairy tale story.

When it was close to boarding time, I decided to grab a cocktail. I chatted with John the bar tender who was planning a trip to Milwaukee in a few weeks to see a musician at the riverside theater. I also spoke to a nice girl named Emily who has a delightful energy, and easy to talk to. During the returning boat ride I met a couple from France expecting a little bundle of joy in a few months. Such a sweet couple and lovely to hear them speak in such a beautiful language. I ran another nice couple when I was getting back to the hotel, Dan and Sue. He was joking of his knee pain from old football injuries as he walked down the stairs. I offered him my jar of Tiger Balm I had in my backpack. I noticed him wearing a crucifix around his neck, so I asked if he wanted me to say a prayer? He was very thankful for the offer and accepted it. By the way Tiger Balm is fantastic for sore joints and muscles if you haven’t tried it. The day was completed with a delicious fish taco dinner and margarita at the Mexican restaurant next to the resort. I hope the sun is shining in your world, and if not try to make is shine for someone else.

Love, April

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