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7-22-17 Chill Cape day

I had made the decision to have a chill/pool day today after many days of being on the go and or traveling. I started out the day early, going down to the common room and writing. I figured it would also be a nice day to go for a bike ride, so I decided to ride back to the area where the Trader Joe’s is located. I discovered Christmas Tree shops is not a Christmas store as I thought. It is comparable to a ShopKo or Target. It is handy for travel sized items, they had an entire wall dedicated to them. I am not sure if that is normal to every store or just that location. I found the few items I desired at a reasonable cost. I then walked over to the Starbucks to grab a coffee and upload my post. My cell service has not been very good while being out here. I then strolled past Yankee Candle and I met a delightful lady working at the store. She directed me to a good deal and was a pleasure to chit chat with. Upon returning to the hotel it was warm out and I was ready to take a dip in the pool. The hotel has an indoor pool and outdoor. Both pool areas have nice lounging furniture and there’s a hot tub on inside pool area. Luckily it was mainly overcast, made it less congested. The past serval days have shown to be nonstop pool action. I had my book, towel and white wine in hand with a toothy grin. All the makings of a perfect pool lounge. It began wonderfully outside with a little peek from the sun on occasion and warm water to dip my legs in. While I was swimming inside, I was hit by a Frisbee a few times by two the little guys playing. I thought as a teacher a perfect time to teach them the game 500. A little competition and math, sure to be a hit. I started teaching the boys the game and they seemed to be very interested when a man abruptly scolded me for interfering with their play. Thus far I have only been met with kindness and help. It was the very first negative interaction I have had in all the days I had already been on the road. To be honest I felt bad. I meant no harm and was just doing what comes naturally, teaching. Thankfully one of the boy’s mothers came over to me and said she had no idea who the man was and appreciated me trying to teacher her son a game. She herself had been a teacher and told her husband she figured I was a teacher based on how I interacted with the children. She mentioned she normally doesn’t say something but witnessed how the man spoke to me and knew she just had to say something. I thanked her very much for her kind words. It instantly made me feel better about the situation and appreciated. This to me was an extra positive to outweigh any negative. What a blessing the situation occurred. The swim stoked my appetite and I had an idea for dinner. The place I had in mind was a delicious meal the last time I was in the Cape, Baxter’s. WOW it is an amazing fish fry, worth the indulgence. The best idea is to head to the right side of the building which is the fish and chips side. There is less wait time than sitting on the side with service. After I enjoyed every bite of the fish fry; I headed over to a grassy area by the ferry to listen to music. I heard it first coming from an outdoor wedding on the docks. Perfect backdrop for that sort of affair. As I reached the ferry landing I noticed A young lady was playing an electric guitar. She sang with the soul of a worldly woman. Alongside her, a music mate playing the Cajon drum. Sitting in the grass, listening to great music; with the sea at my side was a perfect way to end my last night in the Cape. Treat yourself and travel out her at least once. It will be worth all that you absorb. Love, April

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