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I have been blessed this summer with lots of adventure even when I am home. Living with Liz and Garett has truly been a joy.

The three of us get along very well and help each other out on a regular basis. It was my turn to do the weekly menu and shopping. We find it to be very helpful to create a weekly menu and create our shopping list based off the meals we’ve picked. It helps us to not over spend and/or waste food. We decided Monday to have Milka and Jaimie over for dinner. I took leftover veggies from the fridge to make the veggie stew with beans and vegetable stock. Milka brought an amazing crusty bread and Jaimie brought delightful peanut butter almond milk ice cream for dessert. It was a great ladies’ night as we talked about upcoming adventures. Jaimie will be moving to Thailand in October, I cannot wait to go visit her. If you want to follow her adventure there, check out her stunning blog. Milka and Michael leave Thursday to go to glacier National Park. They will be camping the entire time. If there are two people who can camp for ten plus days it’s them. For my past birthday Jaimie gifted me a beautiful amber rock and we decided as friends to start bringing it on our adventures. Once the trip is over we pass it to the next friend. I started out with it on my adventure out East. Milka is taking

"Best wishes and best dishes" as Ms. Dean would say. Love, April

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