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Art has always been a passion in my life. I can remember art class being my favorite part of any school week. When I was in high school my focus had been on three-dimensional art. It was a challenge to switch to 2D art when I ran out of 3d art classes to take. I enjoyed 2d art more than expected. I developed some skills in sketching and painting realistic pictures. I had two incredible art teachers over those four years. Both ladies continually encouraged me in my art. Had I not been so supported by them I may not be the artist I am today. The mere thought of art not being in my life saddens me. After high school, I continued to dabble in painting but never felt confident in my artwork. It wasn’t until I was 30 years old I discovered my art style. I was at the Art bar for a friend’s birthday when I decided to veer off on my own and paint outside the instruction. I fell in love with lines and color and continue to explore and express with new lines and colors. the piece to the right is my latest painting. Art has emotionally rescued me on so many occasions. Painting for me is therapy at a much lower cost. When I receive a compliment about my art my soul sings. The kindest compliment I’ve received thus far is from a child of course. A little boy named Atlas said my painting was like watching TV. That's the ultimate comparison from a kid if you ask me. Children’s honesty is something I treasure and I am honored when it is a compliment. I am not sure what my art will transpire into over time, but I am excited to journey to and through it. Up until this point I had been painting on a table top easel and storing my paint in a caboodle. Last week Monday I woke up too early and set up my art studio in the basement. The beautiful easel pictured is from a sweet family at church.

The new easel sits on the floor allowing me to stand and use larger canvas. With my tunes flowing, I dance around between strokes. coincidently a few months back I downsized on furniture and belongings in my bedroom and moved a dresser to the basement. The dresser is now holding all my paints and allows them to be nicely organized. Who knew months ago it’d be used for that instead of clothes. Though I prefer to work in natural light, I am enjoying the space. I am

also blessed by Café Blue in Wauwatosa. A darling little coffee shop located on North Ave. A collection of mine is currently on one of their walls. They have an amazing breakfast bagel and excellent coffee. A perfect space to work or play. They use Collectivo coffee and have nondairy options if you are curious. Spend time doing what you love to do. I can attest to the joy that comes through investing time into a passion. My life has become more engaging and fulfilling. Love, April

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