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Happy Friday Jr.!! Today is a real Friday for me due to parent teacher conferences. I have this Friday off to counter the mandated hours worked outside of the school day. Overall, my parent teacher conferences were fruitful. I got to know the parents better and got the chance to inform them of their child’s progress. I had 73% of my families come to conferences. An average percent, but a record high turnout in my eleven years of teaching. Generally, I have between 20-50% participation. I tried something new this year and it was a success. A commonality I found among all parents is love. They all love their children and want the best for them. Spending time with the parents of my students made me thankful for my fantastic parents.

Al and Steph have been the two best parents I could imagine any kid having. They have been the best parents for me. The first thing I believe anyone would notice about my parents is their kindness. They are sweet and helpful to everyone, even strangers. I believe their demonstration of kindness has helped me as a person and a teacher. They are also extremely generous with their time and resources. They would leave their job to help me and give me whatever they could to help me. My parents have always made me feel: loved, accepted and secure. We’ve gone through times of hardship: relationally, financially and health. As a family we have always been there to support each other through it (Baby Liz of course included). If ever a time I need a thing I would call them first. They have always supported every choice I’ve made, even if they feel I am making the wrong one. A few years back I had to move home for several months after a difficult end to a relationship. They were there 100% when I needed them most. Finally, my parents are fun people. Growing up I spent more time with them than at parties. I learned how to love from them, a gift I am most thankful for. Give a hug to someone today and tell them of your love especially if that person is you. Love, April

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