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I am struggling right now with sitting down to do this, despite the cold beverage with a twist of lemon just left of the keyboard. Call it fatigue, bad attitude, ending of my cycle, laziness or just not feeling overly inspired, I didn’t want to write today. Fortunately for me I listened to a pod cast while making dinner with the focus of transcending your circumstances and sustaining happiness and joy despite what is going around you. Emphasizing the universe is always trying to better you and in adversity births growth. I know this pattern because every time a trial is upon me like a butterfly something beautiful comes from it. The waiting is the challenge. Being uncomfortable and okay with it is where I am trying to train myself to live. For example, my career in the past twelve years and some change has been rather tumultuous. Due to budget cuts I have been in three schools, six classrooms and have had over ten teaching partners, and laid off twice. NO choice of my own. The only consistency until recent has been inconsistency. I am now in my fourth straight year in the same classroom, teaching alone and am for the first time in some years extra excited to teach. Like third year teaching excited. Maybe it was the prayers for a change in mindset or my need to cling to teaching as my sanctuary this school year. I have never been more thankful for my career until this year, despite all the past trials. I have finally realized teaching is my current purpose and I am good at it, even though it has been one of the hardest things I have done with my life. This is going to be my best year of teaching yet. At least that is what I tell myself about ten times a day along with my loose skin is tightening. I’m doing an experiment to see how powerful my brain truly is. The trick is believing it and not just saying it. Seeing is believing and lately I have been seeing all my angel numbers. If you’re not familiar with numerology I am going loosely give you my understanding. NUMBERS have meaning. Each number has value not only mathematically but spiritually. The combinations of numbers have meaning. Now how the meaning has been derived I couldn’t tell you. Also, couldn’t tell you who decides what each number means, I am only a novice at it. God has been using numbers and timing. It’s all about the timing, his perfect timing. Putting me in the right place at exactly the right time to see the same number for third or fourth time that day. Often, I will feel compelled to check my phone and it is 33, 22, 28, 44 or 55 after the hour. Or I will be driving and see those same numbers on license plate after license plate, or on random signs. This leads me to angel numbers, the spiritual meanings of those numbers. Well call it a blessing or curse my super memory never remembers exactly what all those numbers mean but I look them up and reread the message and it brings peace. My most sought after. I am so thankful for faith, the ability to hope and believe in something more. To be able to live knowing that I don’t have to figure it all out saves me from crumbling. I am thankful for my faith today; it has never failed me yet. Have a great tomorrow.

Good night


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