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Sunday Funday


Oddly I have been enjoying the chilly overcast day, as it has allowed me to slow down and regroup after a very busy and draining first weeeeek of school. I’ll take I’m currently slowing down and treating myself to my two favorites at Colectivo. Spiced turmeric chai oak milk latte and curry chicken salad lettuce wrap. Decided to write and tackle schoolwork with treat treats.

When I woke up, I was feeling extra grateful for my sweet, fuzzy kitten, Willow. She happened to be curled up in a little warm ball when I stretched out. One of the perks of autumn coming. Cats wanting me for my warmth and me getting extra cat snuggles, very symbiotic. She has been my steadfast little buddy for the past 12 years.

Dixie the other sweet gray cat I live with must have psychically known Willow was being extra cute this morning. For when I went into the living room to clean up my movie mess Dixie melted my heart. She walked over to me and touched my foot with her paw, looked up at me and meowed. She wanted to snuggle so I sat down and she immediately jumped on my lap and started nudging me. I love cats. I would worry my cat lady status has gone too far, but luckily for me most of the people in my life are either cat ladies or cat daddies.

When I complete my tasks, I intend on going home and making the rest of my day movies. I rearranged my living-room yesterday and I adore it. A new way I have never had it and it is just so blazing cozy. Going to soak in the laziness of this day because next weekend I plan to go on an adventure of camping and rock climbing at Devil’s lake, this time using ropes. PHEW. Still a bit nervous but relieved I am going with experienced climbers so I know they will show me the ropes. Snicker. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and all the lazy possibilities.

Love, April

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