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Quickest chia seed pudding EVER!!

I  first fell in love with chia seed pudding at a little coffee shop in downtown Boston. It has become a staple healthy snack of mine! I have a few half cup servings every week. Not only does it aid in my digestion it increases the width of my smile. At home I usually make a large batch and store it in saved jelly jars. It's a fairly simple thing to prepare with only a few ingredients. Well, I found a way to make it running out the door quick. I simply take half a bottle of Rebbl coconut milk and mix three tablespoons of Chia seeds into a small jar. Then I shake it and throw it in the fridge or my purse. Needs about fifteen minutes to set. I found this method also contains less sugar than the standard recipe. The jar pictured is 9oz. Happy Sunday funday!! Love April

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