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Today was an interesting day diet wise, I knew I would be going to a child's party at Stone Fire pizza in the evening. I was pleased to find there were definitely healthier options for a person who only eats fish and has no dairy. On days I know I will be going out for a meal, I will try to plan throughout the day to consume healthier options so I can prepare for extra possible calories later.


* two over easy eggs

* coconut spray

* fresh spinach

* one piece sprouted bread

* tomatillo avocado salsa and franks hot sauce


*AM- cashew yogurt and strawberries

*PM- two handfuls of mixed raw almonds, coconut flakes, cashews, chocolate chips (Outpost)


* I made a salmon burger from Trader Joe's, it does happen to be dairy and gluten free, very well priced. I had it on top of Kale and spinach leaves along with pecans, cherry tomatoes and salsa.


* A large salad with black beans and a ginger vinaigrette dressing

* two pieces of veggie pizza with no cheese. Sounds weird but I prefer it this way and actually don't miss the cheese and how it made me feel when I was done. I was surpised I could eat this way from Stone Fire Pizza.

* one Blue Moon beer

Finally, I love wine. Ended the night with one of my best ladies Meg and a glass of wine at The Ruby Tap in Wauwatosa. It is an awesome place if you haven't been. Mind you the children were not there just Meg, I just love this pic of her. She is doing what she does best and that is helping children. She came into my classroom for community helpers because she is one of the best pediatric nurses I know.

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