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When I woke up the sun was shining and it seemed perfect to go for a run. So I did and came across a beautiful body of water, and forest of trees. I also met a mother and daughter and they so kindly allowed me to use their bathroom. She herself had taught kindergarten. They were a blessing and enjoyable to meet. I came back to eat a quick breakfast and get organized to leave. I needed a few supplies so I stopped at the store and met a delightful gal named Trish, she was very helpful when I thought I lost my credit card. I tried to give her flowers and she could not accept them. So, I knew they must be for someone else. I went back to the car to call the inn and they did not have it. My heart did start to race, and I started to look. It turned out to be in my running belt. Phew, check for it a little more often now. Glad that’s how learned the lesson and didn’t actually lose it. I called the inn back and let them know I located it. The couple who owns the Scottish Inn do a wonderful job maintaining it. So clean and has everything you need for a night. Now I was ready to head to Misquamicut beach in Rhode Island, a place I’ve never been before. The drive was beautiful and minor traffic. I did stop along the way in Connecticut to eat my lunch. I noticed a woman and her husband and felt compelled to give her the flowers. When I gave her the flowers I noticed she seemed a little teary and asked if she needed them and that’s when she mentioned a loss she and her daughter have been dealing with in the past week. I am glad I was able to make her day a little better.

I arrived to Misquamicut and was greeted by the amazing seaside landscape. I highly recommend this place as a perfect family summer vacation. The properties right on the beach are a little pricy but I know the further inland you go it drops. My original hope was to pitch my tent and sleep on the beach but I found out while getting my pizza it’s not allowed anymore. Too many tourists were doing it, guess that’s me. Once I got closer to the beach I found a parking lot to park in and ran into a cool mom and her two children. She was really helpful and even offered me a place to stay if I couldn’t find a place in the area. It was just such a relief I knew I was going to have somewhere to go. I felt like I should enter the Shady Shores motel to look for a room, unfortunately they were booked. The lady at the front desk was kind enough to look for a new place for me on her computer and found the place next door had a room available. I was so thankful for her help. I checked in and felt like it was time for pizza. Grabbed a spot on the beach with my chair and noticed the seagulls nearby and thought maybe they’d be aggressive. I started to enjoy my pizza and It was only after another slice when one of my feathered friends swarmed down and literally stole the pizza out of my hand. I was so startled, horrified and yet excited at what just happened. Seemed like a perfect time to stand and eat. I did share the rest of my pizza with all the wings. I felt like going for a stroll not even checking my room out yet because the scenery was just so lovely. I walked a few blocks down and heard Bing bellowing out of a little restaurant and bar open to the sea. Bing invited me in and Jim at the bar picked his favorite white and I smiled from ear to ear. Not to mention the perfect lighting. Not too bright or dim, a soft glow. I had a nice conversation with both bar tenders and met a very interesting gentleman named Phil. Found out while he was in grad school he taught middle school for a year in an urban setting. He spoke so beautifully of his family and fond memories he’s had with them over the years. I like those stories, it was a pleasure to spend the evening with him. When I got to my room I almost cried, actually I did at the sound of the waves streaming through the open windows. I have always dreamed of being in a room so close I could her the ocean waves lapping over the sand. I literally sat on the bed mesmerized for several long minutes. Today was most delightful and thankful for his blessings and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. Hugs, Kisses, best wishes, April

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